Fireworks kill animals. Petition to move Dec. 11th fireworks at Linwood Community Centre.

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Please send messages to the Township of Wellesley (, 519 699 4611) in support of preventing this event from happening. Our farm boundary is next to the boundary of the Linwood Community Centre and the fireworks will be set off next to our pastures (debris is likely to land in our pastures) and in close proximity to our barn. The Township is not taking our concerns into consideration and seem intent on proceeding with this event.

See section 3(c): "no person shall use, discharge any firework(s) in such a place or in such a manner as might create danger or constitute a nuisance to any person or property, or do or cause or allow any unsafe act or omission at the time and place for the setting off of any fireworks."
Fireworks will cause a danger to the people that will need to care for the frightened horses, and the horses themselves.

And section 4(f): "no display shall be held within 500 feet of a nursing home, public hospital, retirement residence, any premises or place where explosives, gasoline, or other highly inflammable substances are manufactured, sold or stored, or within 500 feet of any church or a public, separate or parochial school, unless the consent of the owner, or the agent or representative of the owner of such church or school has been obtained."
We have fuel tanks on our property, which touches the property line of the Community Centre.

This is absolutely unacceptable and cannot happen in such close proximity to a farm with livestock. Our farm touches the boundary of the community centre and the fireworks will most definitely cause unnecessary distress and likely injury to the horses and other animals on the premises. We were not given notice in any form aside from seeing this post on facebook. The sound of fireworks is an incredible traumatic experience for horses, especially when they are in such close proximity. The horses will attempt to flee and with no where to go they will inevitably be injured. There are no reasonable precautions we can take to ensure the safety of our horses and ourselves with such an event. Is injury or potential death of our livestock really worth an evening of enjoyment with fireworks? I have attached two cases of horses injured by firework displays (one from 2017 and one from last week) and there are many more just like these. Fireworks present an unnecessary risk to livestock as well as the people who will need to check on them, and who are likely to become injured while doing so. This is an unnecessary risk to the well-being of our animals and should not happen as proposed.