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Ban "Max Veers" (Vanya Holt), admitted rapist

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UPDATE: We have received word from Glittering Pony that Max Veers (AKA Vanya Holt) will be banned from Equestria LA. Thank you all for your support! We will be leaving this petition up so that others may continue to support this cause, and keep our community members safe.


"Max Veers" (real name: Vanya Holt) is a 21 year old who entered a relationship with a 16 year old girl, and not only partook in sexual relations with her (a misdemeanor in California), but also coerced her into performing sex acts on him, and then sullied her name online by claiming that she was 'loose with her body,' trying to imply that it was acceptable to rape her for that and other reasons. ("She didn't say no loudly enough/her 'tone' was wrong/she's joked about sexual things in the past.") He then deleted this post, as well as his blog entirely, but screenshots were taken by multiple sources. (Link: )

Max Veers has been a volunteer in the past with other SoCal Bronies (the parent/founding group of EQLA) events, and has even applied for security positions at other Brony conventions. However, despite the self-admission of the rapist, the organizer of Equestria LA, Glittering Pony, has refused to ban Vanya on the advice of her "legal team," claiming that without a conviction, they cannot ban him. (Which is patently untrue, and puts pressure onto the victim to report the crime, which the victim does not want to do. It is also untrue that private events are unable to ban members for behavior infractions; many conventions ban misbehaving attendees every day.)

It is clear that the staff's pre-existing knowledge of Vanya (they are apparently on friendly terms) is taking precedence in this situation, and they are attempting to protect him based on flimsy claims from "legal teams," and flat-out lies. For as long as this remains a 'secret' matter, they are under no pressure to ban him from the convention, and from potentially finding new victims.

Please do not allow other young girls to be put in danger; help us to pressure EQLA into finally banning Vanya Holt from the Equestria LA convention.

If you would like to contact EQLA and tell them why this is not okay, they can be reached at:

(For additional information, please see: )

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