Equality For Trolls

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Us, the trolls, have been practicing this ancient profession since we dont remember. It has been so long for most of us that it has become inseparable from our identity. We call ourselves, "Trolls".

We have been subjected to many different kinds of segregation and discrimination by different members of the community referred to as "humanity". It is only `human` that we ask the same treatment every minority aggressively demands themselves, hence, we are beginning our campaign with this slogan: "Trolls matter".

We demand equal rights as articulated in the universal declaration of human rights, and we ask forth to be deemed as equal members of the World society. We are no less than African-americans, women, the LGBT community, or the poor. We demand the same branding as these minorities for an equal future.

There will never be a future without us trolls. Its time the world acknowledges us as equals with no if's or but's. If you sign this petition, who knows, we might one day learn to accept one another.