Epsom Town Splash Area?

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Epsom Town seems to be the only area around without an outdoor water splash area for children to cool down.

2018 has been hit with extreme heatwave temperatures reaching 30 degrees, and Epsom could really have done with a water area for children to cool down in. I’m lucky enough to have a garden and have the option to fill up a paddling pool.... However if I was living somewhere without a garden I would have struggled to have kept my 1 year old cool without keeping them indoors!!

There are lots of nearby areas with them but it means travelling to them, these include Cheam, Worcester Park, Chessington, Sutton, Kingston, Reigate. But nothing at all in Epsom! 

Surely the new Epsom Square or Rosebery Park could create something, just a small pad of flowing / spraying water for people, especially children, to go to to enjoy and cool down. 

I’m sure lots of Epsom residents would agree... especially those with toddlers! Like me!

Thank you for reading

Lisa J