Fortnite Dedicated Servers in INDIA (HIGH PING 100)

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Fortnite has over 500,000+ Player in Indian itself because Fortnite is supported on Andriod and IOS the popularity increased more... But the only fault in for losing its player from India is HIGH PING, its actually frustating to die to a complete noob because High Ping

Problems with High Ping

  • You cannot build Properly
  • You cannot edit like a Professional Player
  • Lags during changing weapons in build fights
  • Turbo building sucks in High Ping (NO use of that)
  • Sometimes in high Ping player gets stuck at one place, although he can voice chat with his friends but cannot move and glitches

I want to take Fortnite Professionally Like Counter Strike Go, but the only downfall which Indian cannot be a Professional is because of PING. I guess I have to Change my Country! 

Net Speed - 60 MBPS
CPU - I5 7500
GPU - GTX 1070
RAM - 16 GB
Even For Console Player (PS4/Xbox they still have high Ping)


After having such a good PC I am still having 110 PING or sometimes more, The Average ping we get is between 80-140. The Least Ping which I got was 60 I don't know how during season 6.

Giving us a Dedicated server in INDIAN AMAZON SERVER would help us a lot!

Epic Games / FortniteGame Please Add a dedicated South Asian Server/ Indian Server (Having at least 10 or 20 ping would be great)
If Having a dedicated Indian server is Costly then increase more Singapore least those servers gives us 90-100 Pings Sometimes...

It Really sucks to play Fortnite at high Ping even after having a Great PC

Also, Fix the In-Game Disconnection Problems of Lags/ High Ping Spikes During Build Fights!

We are waiting for your response on Twitter! INDIAN GAMING COMMUNITY IS HUGE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY!