South Asian Fortnite servers

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So, I am from India. Before the 2.2 or 2.3 version update, the pings we used to get was around 125 to 145 ms to Asia Servers while EU was 130 to 150 ms. After the 2.2 or 2.3 update where Epic changed the Asian server fleet from Tokyo to Seoul, the Asia server ping has doubled for me to 250 to 280 ms. EU remains the same. I play now on EU since this change, however, I have seen some reports that the Asia servers are literally unplayable from Asia and SouthEast Asia and EU pings are 200ms for these people. In fact, my friends who live in other parts of India, some get 250 while some get 400 ms to the Asia servers. All this points to bad routing to those servers.

Currently, the game is unplayable for them. We as a community would appreciate if Epic could get us Asia servers that are located in Singapore or even India (preferably Singapore) because India now too has AWS servers in Mumbai and Chennai.

For instance, Rocket League has their Asia servers in Singapore and we get pings of around 40 to 60 ms.Rocket League has made the Tokyo and Korea Region different from Asia. So I hope this suggestion will help you in getting better servers to the Asian countries.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has India servers and we get 5ms ping. If Epic could fix this server issues, it will get Fortnite a lot more exposure because it will get more access to the Top 2 most populated countries in the world - India, and China.

Current Issues I face while playing on EU and Asian servers -

Delay in weapon switches.
Laggy building (same as the delay in weapon switches)
"Connection to the host lost" error in every other game.
Game hangs for 3-5 secs and then resumes.
Shots not getting registered due to lags and delays.
If epic needs any logs or any more information then please ask me and I will surely get that information to Epic asap.