Epic Games action to help PS4/Switch Owners

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Epic Games' Fortnite has come to the Switch!!! However due to some action Sony has taken to protect their interests a player who has EVER linked PSN account to their Epic profile will NEVER be able to cross play with the Nintendo Switch and continue progression of their account. While this situation may not be Epics entire fault, one thing is clear. Epic will financially gain on the backs of PS4/Switch users from this situation and that is WRONG!!!! I propose that epic games create a discount or flat out code for people who HAVE paid for Battle Pass and account items on PSN to be able to at least play FortNite Battle Royale on the Switch WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY AGAIN!!! Sometimes things are not your fault, but other times simply standing aside to be an onlooker and benefiting from the situation is just as bad. Show us you appreciate and support us, because we do you!