Bring back the old Fortnite theme song

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The old theme song to Fortnite was amazing, It just brings back so many memories of playing in the early times of this game. 

I really do miss the old Fortnite, pumpkin rpg, the skins, peaceful (not many professional players, trick shots, etc.) Everyone was a noob enjoying the many strategies. If I were to time travel back in time, this era would be it. Also, the music was just so motivating and made my soul achieve joy and victory

Loading into your first game ever when everybody was judged by their glider. And the only dance was the default. Personally, this game FELT a lot better before but now is way more unique and filled with content. Although it wasn’t that long ago, I’m glad to call myself an OG To fortnite, before people just played this game cause it was popular...

There you are. You've been playing the game for a while now, but you can feel that something is going to be different. You're queing up for the game, hearing that noise when you're skydiving down. You land at loot lake, pick up a purple tactical shotgun, a grey AR, and a blue Bolt-action. You're ready... Soon enough. The game is over, you won your first game. You jump from your chair in victory, load back out, and once again. The music plays...

Staying up all night reconnecting with some old friends and squading up while the old amazing theme song plays in the background, so soothing and relaxing as all you guys get prepared, Epic please bring us the old theme song back!



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