Bring back Fortnite to the App Store and Play Store

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As all my gamer friends across the world know, Fortnite has been pulled off the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. I shall not take sides between the big companies and Epic Games, but what I will say, is it is us, the consumers, the gamers, the companies' cash cows, who are getting directly affected. Gamers using iPhones/iOS cannot even download the game off the internet, unlike Android users. This is unfair. Some of us do not care about how much of our money goes to who when purchasing Vbucks. We just want to enjoy the game.
I am an avid Fortnite fan and almost cannot live without it. These big lawsuits and disagreements are killing our love for the game. I have started playing Call of Duty Mobile, and so have my friends. This matter is not only bad for consumers, but also Epic Games. They are going to lose their player-base if this matter continues.
Please support my petition to these companies, to bring back this beautiful game, which millions love, and won't be able to play in the future.