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Update/refurb the Wonders of Life Pavilion

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The Wonders of Life pavilion has held many titles in Epcot history: the first to have an innovative thrill ride for its time (Body Wars), the first to tackle controversial topics in a respectful manner (The Making of Me), and the first to successfully educate and entertain guests on the body (Cranium Command), medical innovations, and the adoption of health habits in an inviting and interactive manner (Fitness Fairgrounds). It was also the first pavilion in Future World to harbor numerous attractions types (excluding Communicore) based on the same theme. Sadly Wonders of Life closed down in 2007, just as we face an epidemic of lifestyle related diseases (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) easily solvable by adoption of health habits (Habit Heroes attempted to do this in February 2012, but it was short lived as it was deemed "insensitive" to guests). Also, guests have a right to get to know their bodies in an interactive, but most memorable manner possible (in fact, Wonders of Life is deemed most memorable from a survey taken by guests earlier). The original pavilion building, now lifeless and nearly abandoned (few valiant people have confirmed the existence of the pavilions previous artifacts and their current conditions) is now occupied for special events, when there are other spots (Millenium Village, Odyssey, or other) that could be refurbished and used instead. While they say a sponsor is needed to refurbish and update the pavilion for a new generation, it's time for an exception. While restoration is an obvious choice (as done for Captain EO), time have changed (again, taking into consideration of the values, concerns and troubles faced by today's society), and it has to reflect upon those respectfully. If Epcot has to portray itself as an innovative part of Disney World, then it should not neglect the one part of innovation that remains relevant to our society: life and health. And closing and "forgetting" the Wonders of Life pavilion is proving a grave disservice to not just those who remember the pavilion during their vacations at Walt Disney World in their youth, but for the next generation to come. To everyone at Epcot who remembers the Wonders of Life pavilion, please pressure them to not just respectfully remember the pavilion, but demand that they consider refurbishing/updating in the most ambitious way how, with or without a sponsor. For those who don't, educate yourself – research online the pavilion history, and talk with those who have been in the pavilion during their vacations in Epcot, WDW. Get anyone involved – your friends, teachers, even a doctor – anyone with such knowledge or willing to know more about it. Tell Epcot that life and health cannot be swept under the rug any longer. PS: With regards to the petition, some people have feared that the term 'health' may refer to insidious campaigns against body image, and especially in a culture where it's 'in to be slim' as a pinnacle to good health. We fear that Wonders of Life may face this fate, but please note that such ambitions against body image is NOT the intention. Habit Heroes has failed miserably due to the vilification of guests due to their body image, and we do not want Wonders of Life to fall into this trap during this fight. Thank you for your consideration, and never stop fighting.

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