This is a defining moment in our fight for clean air and climate action.

The EPA faces pivotal decisions in providing for cleaner air and safer communities by addressing the health-harming air pollution, and we need your help now and over the next several months to secure these four essential safeguards:

- Historic carbon pollution standards for fossil fuel power plants.
- Science-based health standards to limit levels of lethal particulate pollution.
- Cleaner cars that reduce the particulate & smog forming pollution.
- Strengthened national limits on the air pollution leaked and vented during oil and gas development.

Sign the petition now to urge EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to provide these four vital clean air protections for America.

Letter to
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
Thank you for your leadership in protecting human health and the environment.

This is a defining moment for our nation to work together in forging climate and clean air progress. We seek EPA's leadership in the race against time to protect our communities and families from the serious impacts of climate change and the suite of deleterious airborne contaminants that threaten public health.

Four immediate protections would go a long way toward providing American's with safer communities and healthier lives.

1. Adopt Carbon Pollution Standards for Fossil Fuel Power Plants. I strongly support EPA's historic carbon pollution standards for new fossil fuel power plants and urge you to immediately finalize those clean air protections. The nation's fleet of fossil fuel power plants are the single largest source of carbon pollution in our nation and one of the biggest on the planet. We urgently need you address the dangerous carbon pollution from existing coal and other fossil fueled power plants. Well designed emission standards for existing fossil fuel power plants can cut carbon pollution while creating jobs, saving families and businesses money, and modernizing our clean energy infrastructure to make it more durable and reliable.

2. Put in Place Science-Based Health Standards to Limit Levels of Lethal Particulates. Particulate pollution, or soot, is one of the most deadly types of airborne contaminants. It is made up of microscopic matter that can penetrate people's lungs and get into their bloodstreams, and it causes heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, acute bronchitis and -- in some cases -- death. EPA is due to finalize new science-based health standards on December 14th, and we urge you to adopt standards that will fully protect human health and the environment from dangerous soot pollution. At the same time, we ask EPA to address the particulate-forming pollution from power plant smokestacks that contributes to dangerous pollution levels in communities close to home and in cities hundreds of miles downwind.

3. Cleaner Cars, Healthier Communities. In August, the President finalized historic greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards that will help break our nation's addiction to foreign oil, save consumers money at the gas pump, and reduce climate pollution through innovative solutions deployed over the next decade. The US automakers, United Auto Workers, numerous states and consumers organizations support these standards. But the job is not done. We also need EPA to cut the particulate and smog forming pollution from these new modern vehicles to optimize health protections and mobilize smart clean car investments for our nation. The first step is paving the way for California and numerous other states across our nation to carry out their integrated advanced clean cars program that reduces all pollutants through smart policies and innovative technologies. Administrator Jackson, please give the green light to California's Advanced Clean Car Program and adopt national clean car and clean fuel standards to provide cleaner cars and healthier communities for all Americans.

4. Strengthened national limits on the air pollution leaked and vented during oil and gas development. Oil and gas development is expanding briskly in communities across our nation, and we need EPA's leadership to ensure best in class clean air measures are carried out to prevent the leaks and discharges of dangerous air pollution from new and existing oil and gas development activities. These are smart clean air policies that will protect human health, help save the oil and gas companies money by conserving natural gas instead of leaking it into the air, and strengthen our energy security

Our communities, our families and our children are counting on your leadership.

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