A Solution for Individuals With Lost Non-Compromised EOS Private Keys

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There are a large number of EOS community members who successfully registered for the mainnet snapshot through the proper channels, but unfortunately misplaced, failed to save, or plain lost their private keys.  Many of these individuals possess a means or mechanism to prove they are the rightful owner(s) of the these (non-compromised) "lost key" accounts.  Furthermore, we have taken it upon ourselves to assemble in telegram groups and communicate with block producers (BPs) in hopes of finding a solution to our problem.  It is our understanding that some of the BPs have taken the time to create a viable solution to the non-compromised, lost private key issue, but this new process cannot be implemented without assistance, or an approval, from the ECAF.  

On a separate note, we would like to acknowledge that individuals with compromised keys (phished, scammed, stolen, etc.) take precedence over our situation due to the time sensitive, high risk nature of their position. At the same time, we are  respectfully requesting, to receive some assurance that our issue will be directly addressed at the appropriate time.  We understand the difficulty in offering such assurances on a decentralized platform--especially while the constitution and  ECAF's role are in a state of flux.   Perhaps our particular issue and a potential solution are worthy of being directly addressed within the reworked constitution.  Regardless, we offer nothing but support and thanks to those tasked with providing the EOS blockchain a new set of guidelines and "structure."  (It should also be noted that we recognize that non-compromised means secure, and able to sit in the queue while the larger issues are tackled.)

We would also like to acknowledge the large share of "EOS 911" and "EOS Official Lost Private Key" telegram group members who lost their key as a result of a metamask, 'multiple tx glitch,' as well as those victims of other misfortunes which have resulted in a lost private key.  It is our understanding that a solution for us will translate to a solution to them to a certain degree.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read our petition.  In the end, all we want is to be able to effectively rejoin something we believe in strongly enough to have invested time and currency.  We climbed aboard because of the potential we saw in a blockchain that was capable of doing things like restoring funds to a lost private key, amongst other promising features.  At the same time, we are not oblivious to the inherent need for time in order to actually develop procedures for such capabilities.  In the meantime, we are hopeful for some acknowledgement and maybe even a plan.

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