Release Student Bodies 20th Anniversary DVD Boxset

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I have created this important petition for obvious reasons. Student Bodies was and is a very popular Canadian television show. It aired 19 years ago and to this day people are talking about it. The theme song is iconic. Nobody can resist belting out "Student BAWWWDIES!!!"

Student Bodies is a very important part of Canadian history.

It was created by Alan Silberberg, Judy Spencer and Michael Klinghoffer.

Let me cut to the chase before I get deep.

The first episode of Student Bodies aired on YTV January 10th, 1997.

Ideally I would like the boxset of all three seasons to be released January 10th, 2017 - exactly 20 years after the series first aired!

Things I would like to see on the DVDs are exclusive interviews with the cast and crew (ALL cast members - not just the main ones!), bloopers and deleted scenes. It would also be cool if there was a special edition 20th Anniversary poster. Other stuff would be really cool, too!

Michelle Sweeney played the intimidating Vice-Principal of Edison High - Mrs. Morton! While she had a tough exterior, she offered great advice to students and really pushed them to succeed. Her tone was scary but her punishments were never that harsh. Frankly I wish she was my Vice-Principal! I would purposely get in trouble with her just to say she gave me detention. :P

Lisa Bronwyn Moore played Ms. Phipps, the over-dramatic English teacher. You could always count on Ms. Phipps to liven up a Shakespeare reading.

Richard Jutras played nerdy science teacher Mr. Fishbaum. What a hoot he was! I hate science but I would have loved to have been in his class - especially when GOOP was born!

Dino Valitolis played Dino, the owner of The Station, an awesome underground café that Cody and his friends frequented. So many things happened at The Station - good and bad. It certainly is a landmark.

Richard Azimov played the sweet nerd Stevie Blum. He was always willing to help other students and had an enthusiastic spirit. He's class president!

Kerwin Jackson, Philip Le Maistre and Andrew Walker played T.J., Horace and J.J. - a trio of dumb jocks who could not stand to be separated from each other and even dressed up as each other on Halloween by switching jerseys. Oh, how these guys make me laugh.

Larry Day played Cody's father Frank Miller. Frank was always hospitable to Cody's friends, but he insisted that his son attend College even if he didn't want to.

Katheryn Winnick played Holly Benson in season 3. She was Kim's best friend and she dated Cody.

Jennifer Finnigan played Kim McLoud, Cody's fourth girlfriend. Damn, that guy gets all the chicks!

Ross Hull played Chris Sheppard. What's not to love about this guy? When he's not on Bikinibabes dot com he's usually coming up with a plan for something whether it be getting rich, getting accepted into his best friend's nude art class or getting a date with the woman of his dreams - Morgan McKnight.

Erin Simms played Morgan McKnight - Chris' love interest. Her classic line "Chrissy!" was enough to make Chris drop everything and tend to her.

Mark Taylor played babe-magnet Romeo Carter. Romeo, Romeo, where art our DVD boxset, Romeo?!

Victoria Sanchez played the cute accident-prone Grace Vasquez. Grace was always there for her friends. She didn't have a mean bone in her body. Of course, there was that one time she beat Cody on national television...

Katie Emme played Margaret "Mags" Abernathy. Mags loved fashion and she was also the lead singer of Romeo and the Juliets. You could count on her to see both sides of an issue instead of automatically taking one person's side.

Mik Perlus played mischievous Victor Kane - editor of the Student Voice. The Student Voice actually existed before Student Bodies did. It was Victor's mission to bring down Student Bodies. There's only room for one newspaper at Edison High! Shoutouts to Mr. Friendly.

Jessica Goldapple played sultry photographer Francesca "Flash" Albright. She was Victor Kane's sidekick and Sheppard's makeout buddy. Who wouldn't want to have a sexy rendezvous in the dark room? You can always count on Flash to take your picture when you don't want her to.

Nicole Lyn played perky book-smart Emily Roberts - the apple of Cody's eye. Emily was such a great friend but often gave her boyfriend Cody attitude. But who could forget when she went bad that one time and made out with him in science class? That's my kind of woman!

Last but certainly not least...

Jamie Elman played adorable artist Cody Miller. Cody is so amazing. He added a unique element to Student Bodies with his cartoons and often found himself in shenanigans with Chris Sheppard whether he intended to or not (he usually didn't). He also looks damn good in a leather jacket!

Let us honour these actors and characters who gave us 3 years of their lives. It is the very least we can do for them. These characters have shaped us immensely. I myself take after Victor Kane *chuckle*. These characters are realistic and we look to them for guidance. Of course, the fans deserve to have one of our favourite shows on DVD! We want to watch it as we please. Plus, some people might want to show Student Bodies to their friends who have not seen it or to children of their own who do not have the privilege of watching Keep It Weird YTV.

Student Bodies taught us many important life lessons such as be a good person, be honest even when it's hard, appearance is not all that matters, it's okay to be gay, don't discuss personal matters in the bathroom or newspaper office, don't get drunk at parties (Chris and Romeo won't always be there to put you to bed), it is NEVER just a cake and much more!

If it wasn't for Student Bodies, we would not be the well-rounded adults that we are today!

I am not exactly sure who to address this petition to. Telescene, Unitel Video, Sunbow Entertainment and Griffin-Bucal all helped make Student Bodies. Sadly, those companies no longer exist. I thank them for all their hard work and hope they are resting in peace. I am addressing this to eOne because there is a slight chance they may take us up on this. If anybody has any ideas of which other companies to send this to, please let me know!

This is a now or never type situation. If we don't succeed, I don't know what we'll do.

Also, if you have been personally impacted by any of these actors, characters or storylines and would like to share what they mean to you, feel free to send me a message if you're comfortable sharing. If enough people submit their stories I will make a video and share it. If you've ever met anybody from Student Bodies and want to share your stories (and pictures) please do!

Please share this petition with as many people as possible. Every signature counts! If you have any ideas of how we can get this petition seen by a large amount of people, please let me know!

The problem is that while there are many Student Bodies fans, we are spread all throughout the internet. There is no one place for us to connect. I mean, there's IMDB, but most people don't go on it. I am hoping that we will have this petition make its way to every fan and that we can all connect here. 

Thank you for reading this. I hope we get what we deserve.