Re-license 007: James Bond video games

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It has been quite a few years since we have seen a new video game continuing the adventures of Bond, James Bond.

Since there are no plans to currently release any 007 games as of now. Us Bond fans would love to see the 007 video game catalog re-licensed.

GoldenEye would be the most challenging to re-license, since Rare is now owned by Microsoft. If Microsoft and Nintendo could put aside their differences and work out the copyright issues, many fans would be really happy.

Also, If Electronic Arts and Activision could make a deal with EON Productions, their own 007 catalogs could be re-published and re-distributed.

I Hope you take this into consideration so we can play another day.

Games made by Rare:

007: GoldenEye

Games made by Electronic Arts (EA):

007: Tomorrow Never Dies

007: The World is Not Enough

007: Racing

007: Agent Under Fire

007: Nightfire

007: Everything or Nothing

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

007: From Russia with Love

Games made by Activision:

007: Quantum of Solace

007: Goldeneye (remastered)

007: Blood Stone

007: Legends