Zero Waste in America

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Our government needs to work for the people and by the people! So, let's take over our waste problem by petitioning our government to complete and implement a comprehensive Zero Waste Plan for America. According to Zero Waste America, "for every one job waste disposal creates, recycling creates 5-10 jobs". Let's get those jobs America! Let us get back to our grass roots and use everything in it's entirety instead of constantly buying new trash to throw away. Not only does opening recycling centers create jobs, but it cuts down on costs. It simply costs more money to burn all of our trash, than it does to recycle it. Not to mention that awful stench that follows our huge trash heaps that we all enjoy keeping right next to our towns, cities and waterways. Plus all those noxious fumes that are released into the air when it is all burned,it is just suffocating for our lungs, and the earth. Thankfully, we do not have to live next to an ever growing pile of our own waste, there are solutions. We can reuse, renew, and recycle. And bug our state representatives until they implement a comprehensive Zero Waste plan that makes being waste free easy and convenient for all of us. Call your state representatives and tell them to help us deal with our trash!

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