Support greenpeace to save our environment from climate change

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Greenpeace is a campaign that addresses problems worldwide about our environment that lots of people appear to ignore e.g. Climate change. Serious problems like this get over looked due to people paying more attention on other issues. Climate change is something that is getting worse by us and we can decrease climate change if we raise awareness and contribut to help the environment. We are destroying the place which we call our home. We have the knowledge, skills and technology to solve this issue, before it gets too far. So why not solve a smaller issue now that we are more than capable of before it’s too late? The beautiful ocean home to 80% of life on Earth is getting destroyed by destructing fishing and pollution, 80% of them have been destroyed or degraded and be the leading cause is by us. I hope this issue will bring awareness to how much human activity is affecting our world and hopefully make a change by being more eco-friendly. Please support this issue if u want to decrease climate change and stop habitats from being extinct. Every supporter makes a big difference in getting one step closer to making a change.