Bromethalin is an untreatable neurotoxin. It needs to be banned!

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Bromethalin is a relatively new rodenticide on the market. It is a powerful Neurotoxin and there is no cure. Unlike the older well known “rat bait” blood thinning poisons once an animal has ingested a lethal dose, there is not much that can be done. Death is caused by brain swelling and is agonizing and painful. Bromethalin is currently regulated by the EPA. While this poison works to kill rodents, it will also kill animals who accidentally ingest a poisoned animal or is attracted to the bait itself. It needs to be permanently banned. In May of 2017, our cat Fiona ate a poisoned mouse a neighbor had baited. She lived for 3 days and died an agonizing death. Toxicology showed she had ingested Bromethalin. Many species rely on or prey on rodents and can and have been killed from this awful poison. Owls, birds of prey, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, opossums, cats, and other wild animals can all be affected by this toxin. Children can also be affected if they find the bait stations. Why do we allow an untreatable poison to be so readily available to the public? I encourage the EPA to ban this toxic substance. For more information please follow these links.