Save the Honey Bees!

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Honey bees are crucial to both the ecosystems they inhabit and humans' lives as a whole. They are responsible for approximately one-third of the food we eat; our entire agricultural system depends on them. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a mass honey bee die off, endangering their population and food production in the process. The Environmental Protection Agency must take action to protect these critical pollinators before the die off becomes irreversible.

In a world where fresh, organic food products are already expensive for some, a world without these huge agricultural contributors would be unimaginable. The lives of millions of bees are on the line, as well as the $15 billion estimated value of crops that depend on the pollination of honey bees.

It has been determined that what they now call colony collapse disorder (CCD) is being  caused by multiple factors, one of which being a man-made pesticide called neonicotinoids. This pesticide is one that is used in commercial agriculture that coats the seeds. Much like nicotine, neonicotinoids have addictive properties that the honey bees end up taking back to their hives. The pesticide spreads through the entire colony, killing it. Because of this chemical, approximately 30% of the beehives in the United States are being destroyed each year.

The European Union is close to completely banning the use of neonicotinoids in order to save their honey bees. It is time for the EPA to do the same before the effects of the die off become irrecoverable.

Please sign this petition to ban neonicotinoid use in the United States and save the honey bees!

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