Save our Ocean

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Our coastline is so extremely beautiful, we have tons of fish, dolphins, whales, turtles and much more. Each year we have the greatest shoal on earth, where hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins migrate from Cape Town, South Africa along our coastline to Mozambique and then back again. We have tons of sightings on these magnificent creatures. The oil drilling that permission has been granted for will most definitely have a massive negative impact on all our marine life. We are a tourism destination with thousands of visitors coming daily to enjoy our beautiful oceans and marine life.

We live in this amazing area in order to enjoy the beauty of our oceans. We have a family business that brings in lots of tourists. Our visitors enjoy surfing in our gorgeous ocean and watching the whales and dolphins. Please we do not want this to go ahead.

Permission has been granted without anyone really knowing about this. There was a small write up in our very small local paper which you were barely able to see. Please help us, this need WAY more exposure. I have contacted a couple local newspapers to see if they can help. Nobody even knows that permission has been granted.

Thank you for reading and please help us to help our ocean and ocean life.