Save Mangrove Forest (Kakinada)

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The mangrove forest of Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) covers an extensive 235.7 km2 (58,200 acres) of land and is a home for 125 animal species and serves as a major oxygen bank. Not only that these forests have saved Kakinada city from 6 typhoons and 1 tsunami. It's was the main basis of the Godavari river.

But the government of Andhra Pradesh decided to cut down these to build houses. Please help by signing the petition to prevent the destruction of nature and preserve the forest to avoid environmental damage. Destructing these forests not only destroys the home of wildlife but also rises the pollution level at alarming rates.

Already our world is suffering from deforestation and global warming. let's not add fuel to it. let's join our hands in and preserve and safeguard our environment.