Save MADA Kakinada forest, stop deforestation

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Save Kakinada MADA forest. It is saving many villages and Kakinada place from many natural disasters and helping livelihood from long time. Now a days we can see many countries wanting to plant trees and spread forests. But in some places few are not caring for nature. 

Nature is no ones property. 

There is no guarantee for any government that will stay in power for long time. It changes accordingly as per time. But MADA forest is getting destroyed under government surveillance.


We don't even know that there are many natural resources around us.

This Forest contains 125 animal species.
It contains a natural sophisticated trees like Mangrove
It's is the main basis of Godavari river
Many of the fisher men survive based on that.
It is one of the tourist spots around us
Like wise there seems many more advantages of the forest MADA

The survival of all these species,humans e.t.c all because of the mangrove trees

These are the only trees which can survive in Salt water too
These forests helps in stopping of waves from the sea shore
These trees has been helped and saved kakinada city from 6 thypoons and 1 tsunami

Thus it is our responsibility of each and every citizen to save the nature. 

I kindly request you all to sign the petition and save MADA forest.