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The topic Dolphin drive hunting has been a persistent issue around the world for many years which is threatening the biodiversity of our oceans in certain regions. Unless action is taken and something is done to create a change, our oceans will continue to be in danger.  Due to usually being kept hidden from the public and media, many people may not know what dolphin drive hunting is. This is a method of using boats and nets to guide dolphins and other small mammals or ocean animals into coves or bays where they are trapped and then brutally slaughtered to provide resources to the populations of the countries that practice this method of hunting.  

The issue Hunting dolphins and other animals is more than understandable. For many countries this is their source of food, which is critical to life. However, it has been found that the vast majority of populations choose not to eat the meat from these animals and that they have been falsely informed that they are purchasing and eating “whale meat” which fishers purposely mislabel to deceive the public and sell the more accessible animals for them to hunt. The meat has been proven to contain high levels of dangerous toxins including mercury which are not safe for consumption, therefore is there really a demand for the meat? 

The manner in which the animals are killed is also brutal and unnecessary. The water of the coves in which they are killed are tinted red with the blood of the animals due to being hacked to death by spears and axes. Lastly, the quantity of dolphins and animals being killed is excessive and have been called a form of “pest control”.

Aside from the ethical aspects, there is also another issue concerning dolphin drive hunting, and perhaps the most important problem. The hunting and slaughtering of these animals in the quantities that are being practiced poses a threat to ecosystems and biodiversity in these regions of the world. Threatening the populations of these species in their natural habitats may result in endangered species. Lower populations of species can create a snowball effect of negative consequences. If these species who are in the top category of the food chain disappear, other species will overpopulate, while others who relied on the dolphins became threatened because their food sources will begin to decrease. The vegetation in these environments will also be threatened because overpopulation of smaller species will lead to a greater need for resources and food which may not be available. 

The Solution There are multiple straight forward solutions to battle this issue. By educating the public about the dangers of consuming this meat, the demand for it will decrease therefore there will be no need to conduct the hunts. Another solution would be petitioning the governments of the countries who participate in dolphin drive hunting to implement laws that restrict the quantity of dolphins that can be hunted and the methods used to hunt them. Lastly, as a last resort solution if all others fail, creating protection laws for these animals would surely protect them from being killed. 

How you can help! By signing this petition, you can contribute to spreading awareness about this topic and hopefully enlighten others about the risks and dangers of dolphin drive hunting and take initiative in calling for change. Be sure to sign this petition and share it with as many people as you can so that we can reach our goal of 500 signatures.