Protect Our National Parks from Drilling!

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Along with Donald Trump's inauguration came the imminent danger to our national parks. The stunning beauty and tranquility that often take visitors' breaths away is under threat, and it is imperative that we protect these lands at all costs.

Donald Trump wants to make it easier to mine coal and drill oil and gas in the national parks, which will have devastating effects on the landscape and the ecosystem it supports. On March 28, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that required federal agencies to review or repeal multiple crucial policies that protect our national parks from the negative impacts of oil and gas development/drilling. This order included the National Park Service 9B rules, which set safety and enforcement standards for oil and gas drilling within the boundaries of more than 40 national parks. This includes the Everglades, a beautiful ecosystem and attraction in Florida. Reversing these 9B rules would seriously weaken the ability of the National Park Service to protect our national parks in the future.

This not only affects the land, but the organisms that inhabit the areas as well. Various species will be displaced from their original habitats, which would have unknown consequences (none of them positive). This has happened in many places already, including White River National Forest in Colorado. It is the country's most visited national forest and is home to mountain lions, bears, elk, and many other species. Unfortunately, this has not stopped fossil fuel companies from pursuing the rights to frack on ~250,000 acres of forest. We must stand up to these companies and let them know we will not stand for this!

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