Overturn the EPA’s decision to use Bumble Bee killing pesticides.

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The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped restrictions on the use of a powerful pesticide known to be particularly lethal to honeybees.

The controversial insecticide sulfoxaflor, manufactured by DowDupont’s Corteva agricultural division, can now be used on a wide range of crops, including corn, soybeans, strawberries, citrus, pumpkins and pineapples, the EPA said.
Sulfoxaflor has been found to be “highly toxic to honey bees at all life stages,” according to the EPA’s own studies — and harms wild pollinators like bumblebees even at low doses. Yet Alexandra Dunn, head of the EPA office that oversees pesticides, said the agency was “thrilled” to approve new uses and lift past restrictions on sulfoxaflor, which she called “highly effective.” 

Greg Loarie, an attorney for the environmental advocacy group Earthjustice, called the EPA’s decision “reckless” at a time when “honey bees and other pollinators are dying in greater numbers than ever before. Scientists have long said pesticides like sulfoxaflor are the cause of the unprecedented colony collapse,” he added. “Letting sulfoxaflor back on the market is dangerous for our food system, economy and environment.” 

(Source HuffPost) 

Please take a moment to sign this petition & speak for the plants and insects that can not speak for themselves. Using pesticides that we know are not only harmful to pollinators but to our eco system is irresponsible and this decision needs to be overturned.