Ocean Cleanup: End Plastic Pollution

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Cleaning up the Oceans’ plastic is essential to the future of the global ecosystem, as the repercussions of plastic pollution will hit hard soon, and are already affecting the food we eat and damaging the biggest ecosystems of the only planet we have.

Fish in the North Pacific Ocean alone ingest up to 48000000 pounds of plastic alone each year, with this potentially deadly, carcinogenic plastic being put into the ecosystem. The fish that consume this plastic are apart of a global food chain in which humans are apart of, meaning that the chances of you, regardless of where you live, consuming potentially deadly microplastics are almost certain, further, the effects of the microplastics aren’t researched for long term effects, meaning that the real toll of these chemicals haven't even been seen yet.

As plastic carries harmful pollutants like PCBs, DDT and PAH. These chemicals are highly toxic and have a wide range of chronic effects, including endocrine disruption and cancer-causing mutations.These pollutants will be in the food chain, potentially effecting every living organism on the face of the Earth from humans to sea turtles to housecats, and with trillions of tons of the plastic in the Pacific Ocean alone coming from the 2000’s, the amount will exponentially increase with population as it has been for years.

Support for this cause can be carried out with donations to advanced startup groups such as The Ocean Cleanup, whose technology aims to get rid of at least half of the Pacific Ocean’s Garbage within 5 years of full-fledged application of its technology. On a more local level, advocating for laws prohibiting use of plastic bags, as well as taking a personal stand by recycling and choosing paper over plastic.

As time progresses with this issue being ignored, cancer rates could potentially skyrocket along with the extinction of ocean species such as various fish and sea turtles which are vital to ecosystems. This issue cannot afford to be ignored, the plastic will pile up and won’t go anywhere with its inability to decompose, and the problems will become irreversible as microplastics overpower technology.

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