Protect the forests, the only lungs of our Planet, by removing the incentives for arson.

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The lung capacity of our planet is diminishing.

Right now there are deadly fires raging in Greece, California, Sweden, Canada, UK.

We are all globally affected.

WE the people of Earth Demand immediate legislation that forbids development of burned land for at least 50 years, to prevent anyone from profiting from deforestation.

Every day an area the size of New York City is lost.
Every 100 days an area the size of Scotland.
Within one year an area the size of Italy.

Global deforestation is on an upward trend, jeopardising efforts to tackle climate change and the massive decline in wildlife


The problem:

Fires caused by arsonists and heatwaves are destroying everything in their path, taking lives of humans and animals alike and costing billions globally to the public.

But more importantly they are reducing the oxygen Lung capacity of our planet, our only home.
This in turn is creating runaway climate change. This is a global issue that each country is facing individually.
In order to solve this we have to act in Unity.


Arson is a technique that certain individuals use to destroy forested lands in areas that are rising in value so as to later repurpose that now burned land for residential development use or in some cases cattle farming.
As long as people are profiting from fires, fires will continue burning. We have to demand the incentive to be taken away.
Most arsonists are never found as this is a stealth crime and of the ones that are found, less than 4% are prosecuted.

The Solution:

WE the people of Earth Demand immediate legislation that forbids development of burned land for at least 50 years, to prevent anyone from profiting from deforestation.

First: Remove the biggest incentive for arson. Land repurposing.
We the people of Earth, united peacekeepers and protectors of the land, as global citizens affected by the interconnectedness of climate change, have decided to make it illegal for any forest to be turned into a land for building or any other purpose other than the original use. This way we remove the incentive for arson.

Second: We the people , have decided to allocate 50% of the military budget our countries use, to acquiring Firefighting airplanes in order to protect the lungs of our planet.
This way it is actually possible to stop fires of our own countries without fearing that we are running low on military force as all around the world the budget is used evenly. This has the additional upside that globally there are more fire extinguishing solutions.

Third: we demand that reforestation happens immediately after the fires have ceased.

Fourth: We the people, demand that previously proven arsonists are prosecuted and deeply investigated. Give away the names of the people who paid them to commit arson, the people who incentivised them in the first place.
Suspicion might also fall on firms who rent out fire-fighting equipment, hunters who want to clear brush, or property developers frustrated by environmental protection laws for forests.

Fifth: We Demand a higher regular wage for fire-fighters. They are the true heroes of this work. They deserve better living wages independent of how many fires they stop.

Sixth: We demand 10% of each country’s budget to be used for reforestation starting now.

Seventh: We demand that the forests of our planet our protected and added to a transparent database that anyone can access showing the type of trees and life that exists including the borders of the public and private forests.

Eighth: Outlaw the legalization of buildings that have been built without approval on previously burned land. This way, the incentive of arson is once again removed.

Let’s make a global change and save the world from these specific causes of climate change effects and wildlife decline that are already accelerating around the world.

Whether the cause of fire is a heatwave, arson, climate change, or an accident, one thing is certain, we have to take care of the lungs of our planet now. Protect them, and start the reforestation globally. NOW.

It is up to us.

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The fires will keep blazing every summer, from now on, and we demand proper prevention and protection solutions.

We care. We are the people that rule the world.

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall arise, of different colors, races and creeds, and through their actions and deeds the Earth shall become green again, and they shall be known as the warriors of the rainbow, the one tribe that saved the world."

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