Justice for orangutans

Justice for orangutans

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Palm oil is endangering orangutans and a few other animals. It is grown across Asia, West Africa and Latin America. Orangutans are also becoming extinct by illegal hunting and trading.

This oil is causing people to cut down forests in Sumatran and Borneo, eventually leading to a brink of extinction for orangutans, and Sumatran elephants, rhinos and tigers, all of which are critically endangered. If orangutans go extinct, that could also mean the extinction of a handful of trees.

It can be found in our every day household items, from margarine, chocolate and cookies, to shampoo and soap, to lipstick and makeup products, and everything in between. We can have a substitute for palm oil in these products, and some companies say that they do, but they are things like "palmolien oil" and even vegetable oil. If it has the word "palm" in it, like refined palm oil or vegetable fat (palm), then its basically the same thing. 

We shouldn't endanger a species for our own needs, we have done that enough, so please help me, a TWEEN, save the orangutans. And remember everyone, the next time you go shopping, please check the ingredients. Thank you all.