Investigate and Prosecute Florida Governor Rick Scott for Environmental Negligence

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The Summer of 2018 on the Gulf Coast of Florida, has now been defined as one of the worst red tide seasons on record, with evidence that every level of the marine food chain has now been impacted, from small fish, to dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and even larger animals such as whale sharks, all dead, washing up along the shore line.  Tourists to the area have left early due to the stench of rotting sea life filling the air, even leading to respiratory issues for humans on land.  In recent news articles, studies measuring the level of cyanobacteria show that the levels are dozens of times higher than what could be considered toxic.

Despite insight from the Florida Wildlife Commission regarding the issue of nutrient rich phosphate waste from Florida's phosphate and sugar cane industries which in turn fuels the growth of this algae and bacteria to levels which would not be seen without such waste runoff, Governor Rick Scott has led the helm of a continuous degradation of environmental protection for the state's waterways.  Many news sources with information on his track record confirm that Scott's history with environmental protection is appalling.  From huge $700MM slashes in funding which led to the layoffs of scientists and other employees; eliminating past requirements for permitting as it relates to environmental regulation, which now can be pushed through in a matter of days when it used to take months; to reneging on land purchases from the sugar industry where lands would have been repurposed, Governor Scott has done nothing good for Florida's environment.

Hiding behind a false veil of economic development and job creation with a trademark slogan of "Let's Get To Work", Governor Scott has put profits ahead of the safety of the environment and everyday Florida citizens.  Now, the main job many citizens in Southwest Florida will be "getting to work" on, will be cleanup from these unnecessary die-offs of large populations of wildlife, year after year.

It is the hopes of this petition, that with enough signatures, we can get on the radar screen and bring some form of a proposal to the Environmental Protection Agency, to investigate Rick Scott's dealings as governor to determine whether criminal negligence may be valid and cause for prosecution, and more importantly bring light to the importance that we only have one environment which we need to treat with respect, rather than pillage in the name of profit.  No job is worth the well-being of the environment.