Ban Chlorpyrifos from US Agriculture

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Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate that was created in 1965 for WWII chemical warfare and later emerged as an insecticide used in homes and agriculture to get rid of pests.

In 2000, chlorpyrifos was banned from household use because of the harmful pesticide exposure on the developing brain. The use of chlorpyrifos has detrimental prenatal health effects to children, causing cognitive dysfunction and reducing lifetime economic productivity.

Today, chlorpyrifos is still being used in agriculture as the EPA refuses to ban of its use in agriculture.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt believes chlorpyrifos is crucial to US agriculture "to ensure an abundant and affordable food supply for this world". Instead, why not turn to alternatives that are less toxic and non-harmful to children's health? Health risks of chlorpyrifos have been raised for decades and is time for us to take action!

Sign this petition if you believe the EPA should ban chlorpyrifos from affecting our food supply and harming children and our society.

For more information, see: Chlorpyrifos Is Poisoning Us.