Give Tesoros De Colombia the 2015 export quotat and the licence modification for Oophaga

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Tesoros de Colombia was created to find a way to protect some of Colombia's great biodiversity through biocommerce and habitat conservation. This in agreement with the actual Colombian Government initiative of developing biocommerce in the country.
Many Colombian amphibians are in high demand and have become endangered due primarily to habitat loss and smuggling. Tesoros de Colombia’s aim is to provide legal, captive bred amphibians as an alternative to smuggled animals and their offspring. There is a market for these animals that will be supplied one way or another. Tesoros’s use of these resources is favorable because the income will go back into Colombian communities rather than to fund further smuggling enterprises.
Throughout the last 9 years Tesoros de Colombia has worked diligently to acquire the necessary permits needed to export several species of frogs and butterflies. They have broken new ground with this project and succeeded in released the first legally exported Colombian frogs in 2012. Their struggles have been based on the fact that they are being held to standards that were never intended to cover a wildlife farming project. The national laws were primarily designed to govern the actions of oil prospectors and mining operations. Many aspects of this project do not fit into the confines of these laws, which makes things unclear for Colombian government officials.
In January 2015, law changed and Tesoros De Colombia is no longer controlled by a local authority but by a new national authority (ANLA), that of course was not familiar in dealing with their activity.
This national authority has just asked them to change their environmental management plan and make a complex one that meets the same environmental objectives that oil and mining companies have.

Until this new plan is received, reviewed and accepted Tesoros won't receive the license modification that will let them export their captive bred most endangered colombian amphibians (Oophaga).

Also Tesoros has not received their  2015 export quotas as they just have been noticed to present their breeding data in a new way, different than it was accepted by the local authorities and all the national scientific authorities.

We know that Tesoros de Colombia should have patience as the ANLA (National Environmental Licenses Agency) has to get familiar with this project and as soon as they receive more informations the permit and quotas will be granted. 

In the meantime, Tesoros de Colombia will be left with no income (no exports = no money). They can neither pay for their facilities current expenses nor their newly required, expanded environmental plan.
Smugglers will not be affected by these changing regulations and will continue to remove Colombian resources.

We (hobbyists / Biologists / concerned global citizens) respectfully, think it would be wise for the Colombian regulatory agencies to grant (at least temporarily) the 2015 quotas and the Oophaga license in order for Tesoros de Colombia to generate income to be able to continue their operation and generate the newly required environmental plan.

If this project doesn't succeed it will be a shame for this new and practical way to protect species for countries like Colombia.

(Sorry for my english which is not perfect but it's not my native language)

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