STOP incinerator at Maghtab!

STOP incinerator at Maghtab!

October 6, 2020
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Environment & Resources Authority Malta
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chessy ZC

We are objecting to this project for the following reasons:

1. It is too close to the residential areas of Maghtab, Bahar ic Caghaq, Madliena, Ta Stronka, Qawra and Salina.

2. The emissions from this plant will be blown over thousands of households by the prevailing North Westerly winds.

3. The 60m chimney and a large adjacent building will have a hugely negative visual impact on the whole coast road area which is a popular recreational area for Maltese and Tourists. You can see a photo montage of the building on the Facebook Page:

4. It will have a negative effect on the Marine Park hosting marine life, reptiles and parrots and visited by thousands of Maltese and Tourists annually.

5. It will have a negative impact on the Splash and Fun Park visited by thousands of children every year.

6. It will have a negative impact on the numerous bars and restaurants in Bahar ic Caghaq.

7. It will devalue all the property in the surrounding area including the multimillion-euro project at the White Rocks Complex.

8. It destroys Wastserve’s investment of €15.6 million to rehabilitate Maghtab by eliminating visual disamenities and toxic emissions. (see extract from the Wasteserve website.) co-financed by EU Cohesion Funds.


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Signatures: 1,059Next Goal: 1,500
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