Bring the Lynx back to the UK

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The beautiful Eurasian lynx was once found throughout the UK. They were hunted to extinction 1300 years ago for their fur. Without this vital species, the UK now has a huge overpopulation of deer - the lynx’s natural prey - which has led to natural forest regeneration stopping, causing all the associated negative biodiversity impacts. This is why I’m leading a campaign to bring them back.

As well as a moral obligation to right the wrong of exterminating lynx in the first place, the return of the lynx will breathe life into the UK’s damaged ecosystems and help with climate change mitigation by promoting forest regeneration.

I am Wildlife Biologist and have always loved cats, and the lynx - often dubbed the ‘Ghost cat’ because they are so elusive - are particularly special to me. With some expert help, I set up a project called the Lynx UK Trust to reintroduce them back to the UK for the first time in 1300 years.

Now I need your help to bring the lynx back home.

We’re planning to submit an application to the UK government to gain permission to release 12 of these magnificent animals back into the UK, at two carefully selected sites. This is potentially the most exciting conservation project ever attempted in the UK and has the potential to rebuild our damaged ecosystems.  

Please sign our petition urgently calling on the UK Government to allow the release of lynx back into the UK