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The government of Canada must hear from people around the world that the unscientific and sensless slaughter of wolves to protect tar sands and other industrial development is unacceptable. This wolf cull will ruin Canada's international reputation as a wildlife tourism destination - all to protect oil company profits, not wildlife. 

The wolf slaughter will kill over 6,000 wolves in the coming years. The wolves are being used as a scapegoat by government to lay the blame for reduced populations of caribou in Alberta.

The real culprit is not the wolves killing caribou, but the rampant deforestation and habitat destruction stemming from oil and gas development. Scientists and experts ridicule the plan to poison and shoot the wolves, but are being ignored by a government bent on extracting oil at any expense. Stop the slaughter, and focus on cleaning up the tar sands threat to all wildlife.

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Letter to
Environment Canada Stop Killing Wolves To Hide Tar Sands Impacts on Wildlife
This a submission to Environment Canada on the proposed recovery strategy for the boreal population of woodland caribou.

According to scientists and wildlife experts, the wolves in Northern Alberta are not to blame for reductions in the number of caribou - it is the rampant exploitation of Northern Alberta by the oil and gas and timber industries that is to blame.

Do not use wolves as the scapegoat for a disaster created by the resource industry! Leave the wolves alone, and hold these industries accountable for all the damage they're doing to Canada's wildlife and international reputation.


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