Allow Home Based Businesses (E-commerce) to continue with contactless delivery services

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The undersigned and on behalf of all home-based business and E-commerce SMEs in Singapore, Threeman Courier is petitioning to make the government revise their approach on no third party delivery services. 

Straits Times has announced the new rule on the morning of 26 April here:

Firstly, the recent COVID19 situation has been disastrous and devastating for many, and has already affected many livelihoods. Many people have turned to the power of technology and started doing e-commerce to secure some sort of income. Many of us have lost our jobs and turned to setting up our small business to tide through this pandemic. This did not come easy for many of us as we had to invest a bulk of money to buy stocks as part of business capital.

Many of us are busy at home selling the items, on websites, Facebook Live and we still have to settle accounts, admin and packing. This way, we are able to achieve a somewhat passable income for us to tide over this period. When you stop the process at output, how are we supposed to continue the business? As business owners, the guideline require us to follow the rule of operating solely online and we are unable to leave our homes. It is impossible for us to deliver our products through any means. It is equivalent to asking us not to sell anything. 

Secondly, other major stakeholders are still in operation, with them practicing safe distancing measures. For example, postal services are still operating. 

Threeman Courier suggests we take a similar approach as postal services. 

- We will set a time with the business via telecommunication, and every business will have a specific time for their products to be picked up. 

- Our delivery driver and business owner will be in close correspondence via phone or text and will leave the items outside once they are notified.

- Apart from contactless pickup, we will continue doing contactless delivery as well. 

- These measures will be in place at all times for the safety of our drivers, businesses and recipients.

Threeman Courier is willing to comply strictly with the guidelines of safety measures for the solution suggested.

DON’T CUT OFF OUR HOME-BASED BUSINESSES’ LIVELIHOOD: We once again urge the government to relook into this measure and be aware that we are able to do deliveries without breaching safe distancing rules.

TAKE ACTION: If you are a home based business or support this cause, please help to sign this e-petition to save the livelihoods of our SME owners in Singapore.