“Luxury of Earth; Benefit of men. Luxury of Men; destruction of Earth."

“Luxury of Earth; Benefit of men. Luxury of Men; destruction of Earth."

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Make the Global Rich spend their wealth for the benefit of Earth.”

We hear a great deal about how horrendous the world is today.

Greenhouse gas emissions are rising, scientists’ extreme weather predictions appear to be coming true, the air in our cities is becoming dangerous, groundwater is getting scarce, ocean health and fish stocks are declining, forests and natural habitats are being destroyed, plastic in our ocean is out of control and researchers warn that a “biological annihilation” of wildlife means a human-driven sixth mass extinction event is underway.

Ozone harming substance outflows are rising, researchers' extraordinary climate expectations give off an impression of being working out, the air in our urban communities is getting risky, groundwater is getting rare, sea wellbeing and fish stocks are declining, woodlands and normal environments are being crushed, plastic in our sea is crazy and specialists caution that an "organic destruction" of untamed life implies a human-driven 6th mass eradication occasion is in progress.

These natural difficulties have huge ramifications for our economy, society and governmental issues.

This doesn't make a simple sleep time story for the individuals who have their entire lives still in front of them. What's more, it sets us up for a much more out of line world than we have today as we draw near to nine billion individuals on the planet, more than 66% of whom will hobnob with one another in urban communities and towns all around the globe.

Kids naturally introduced to neediness today – even those in generally more extravagant nations – will in all probability not have the riches or security to endure the hardships ahead. "Nursery Earth" could trigger a hotbed of outrage.

These truly are the greatest, most supporting dangers within recent memory

We all know that most of the people nowadays are well heeled in life, they tend to put and proposed businesses that they themselves will benefit and get advantages of it without thinking that there will be a negative effect on our earth. For years, big environmental problems were for governments and international organizations to solve and we deferred to their leadership for action and delivery.But despite all the efforts, protocols and funds, the overall state of our global environmental commons has worsened.

But no longer: in the last few years, a revolution in the environmental agenda has quietly taken shape, slowly at first, like any good insurrection, then spreading into a movement, which now appears unstoppable.

This is a revolution in collaboration for action – a new drive for environmental cooperation that is helping NGO and CEO leaders to bind business, communities and civil society organizations together to a common purpose; a public-private repositioning that is helping environment ministers to marry “earth” targets with “economic” targets; and a realignment that helps companies turn the risks inherent in environmental failure into new business model opportunities and partnerships for smart, clean industrial production.

This awakening is happening across forestry, ocean, water, cities and food systems. It involves the mobilization of states, cities, provinces, civil society groups, business and investors, and innovators and technologists. It is also happening across global supply chains, such as agricultural commodities, plastics and electronics, as companies learn to work with each other, forging new collaborative systems to drive long-term environmental improvements.

Money is just a paper
It has no Value
But EARTH does.

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