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Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Stop opposing a law prohibiting companies from renting out recalled cars


In 2004, my two daughters, Raechel and Jacquie, were killed when the car they rented from Enterprise caught fire and crashed into a tractor trailer. The PT Cruiser they were driving had been recalled a month before for a defective steering component that was prone to catching fire. Enterprise rented it to three other customers before renting it to my daughters, without bothering to fix it first. It was a ticking time bomb.

Raechel was 24. Jacquie was 20. When we went to court two years ago, Enterprise admitted full liability. But today, Enterprise is still renting unsafe cars. The next victim could be you, or someone you love. Nothing can replace my daughters, but together we can keep others from going through what I did. There are loopholes in existing federal law that allow companies like Enterprise to rent out vehicles that are under a safety recall, even though manufacturers and new car dealers are prohibited from selling new cars that are under safety recalls.

Why am I posting this today? Because this morning, USA Today reported that Hertz has reached a historic agreement with consumer advocates to support a law that would prohibit car companies from selling or renting vehicles under recall notice. Enterprise is leading the charge against this same law.

It's no surprise: Enterprise, the nation's largest rental car company and owner of Alamo and National Car Rental, has a terrible record on safety. On multiple occasions, Enterprise has chosen to cut corners by purchasing cars without optional or sometimes even standard safety equipment. In one incident, the victim was an Iraq war veteran who returned from deployment in Iraq in good health -- until the car he rented from Enterprise spun out on slick pavement, rendering him quadriplegic.

Congress could vote on this law as part of the transportation bill being debated this very moment. The Hertz announcement gives us the momentum, but we don't have much time. That's why I need the help of the community.

Please, join me in calling on Enterprise CEO Andrew Taylor to drop the company's opposition to this basic safety law right now, before someone else is hurt. I believe that if Enterprise does the right thing, the other rental companies will join Hertz and follow suit.

This isn't about my family anymore. This is about all those other families, and everyone who rents a car in the future or has a loved one who rents a car. I can't do this alone. I need your help.

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We are gravely concerned about the safety of the vehicles that Enterprise is renting. Enterprise has a history of renting out dangerous, recalled vehicles and has opposed legislation that would prohibit this practice. To ensure the safety and lives of your customers and the general public, we ask you to drop your opposition to legislation that would require all rental car companies to fix any recalled vehicles before renting them out again.

Currently, manufacturers and new car dealers are prohibited from selling new cars that are under safety recalls. All we ask is that rental car companies, such as Enterprise, are held to this same, common-sense safety standard.

In 2004, Raechel and Jacqueline Houck, ages 20 and 24, were killed when the recalled vehicle they rented from your company caught fire and crashed -- and Enterprise admitted it was 100% at fault. Nothing can bring them back but we can't stand idly by and let a senseless, horrific tragedy like this happen again.

Your alarming practice of renting out recalled vehicles has cost lives and your competitors, such as Hertz, even support laws restricting it -- what are you waiting for?

Enterprise's opposition to legislation closing the safety loopholes for rental car companies stands in the way of preventing more injuries or death. If Enterprise is serious about ensuring the safety of its customers and the public, you must end your opposition to the prohibition on renting out recalled vehicles. Lives are hanging in the balance.


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