Enforce the fox hunting ban and fix the "Hunting Act (2004)" loopholes!

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The Hunting Act of 2004 passed by UK parliament bans the hunting of wild animals with dogs in England & Wales. 

Unfortunately, fox hunting is just continuing under the guise of trail hunting as according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, no genuine trail hunting was witnessed at 98% of the hunts observed in 2015, with trails seen being laid at just eight of the 478 hunts monitored.

Hunting foxes with hounds was supposed to have ended in 2005, following the passage of the Hunting Act the year before. But loopholes in the law mean the burden of proof is exceptionally high; to be prosecuted, the huntsman has to be adjudged to have purposefully killed a fox. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those pro-hippie "meat is murder" type fellows, I'm in favor of hunting but fox hunting is incredibly cruel. 

According to MP Chris Williamson, “The legislation absolutely needs tightening to remove loopholes,” and “Only an unambiguous law will stop these practices.” So I urge you to sign this petition to ask Theresa May to enforce the damn act and fix the egregious loopholes.