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Enforce State Statute that the Sebastian County Humane Society follow HSUS Guidelines

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Contract with Sebastian County Humane Society - follow HSUS Guidelines

Currently the Sebastian County Humane Society is operating below the guidelines of the HSUS in approximately 60 specific identified areas.  They are euthanizing at a rate of 95% of all cats that enter the shelter and 70% of all dogs.  This is around 7,700 animals a year. They say the rate is so high due to sickness in the shelter. 

They house between 400 & 500 animals daily and do not have medical care except 4-8 hours a week. Their return to owner rate is approximately 3% in dogs and 0% in cats. 

The shelter has aged and they spend over 55% of revenue from donations on salaries.  They survive on their contracts with surrounding cities to impound their animals.  Their adoption rate is around 9%.  Overall, 78% of all animals that enter the doors are killed and carried to the City of Ft. Smith, AR landfill in black trash bags. There has been no improvements to the shelter in years. 

The City of Ft. Smith has a contract that renews every two years and is currently up for renewal.  Their is a state statute in Arkansas that states that Humane Societies can attain a certification through the state of Arkansas health department.  They have never looked into this even though it is a state statute.  It also states they must follow the HSUS guidelines for sheltering, adoption procedures and euthanasia.

 This petition is to raise awareness and put pressure on the city officials responsible for the contract to put into that contract verbiage that they follow the guidelines of the HSUS in sheltering, adoption and euthansia.  Also, to put into the contract that they hire a full time shelter Veterinarian to attend to the animals.

Also, to put in that an audit of the shelter will be done quarterly by a qualifiedd appointed third party using the HSUS guidelines by the Board of Directors who is not a city employee, a humane society employee, volunteer or on their board of directors to insure they are following and maintaining the guidelines.

Please tell the city employees to do the right thing and enforce the city of Ft. Smith and Arkansas state laws to improve the quality of life of the animals at the Sebastian County Humane Society.

A.C.A. § 20-19-104 (Copy w/ Cite)Pages:2


  A.C.A. § 20-19-104
Arkansas Code of 1987 Annotated Official Edition
© 1987-2012 by the State of Arkansas
All rights reserved.
*** Legislation is current through the 2012 Fiscal Session and updates ***
*** received from the Arkansas Code Revision Commission through ***
*** August 1, 2012. ***
Title 20 Public Health And Welfare
Subtitle 2. Health And Safety
Chapter 19 Animals
Subchapter 1 -- General Provisions
A.C.A. § 20-19-104 (2012)
20-19-104. Voluntary certification program.

(a) The Division of Health of the Department of Health and Human Services shall establish a voluntary certification program for animal control officers, animal shelters, and other humane society counterparts.

(b) The certification shall be based upon courses recommended by the National Animal Control Association or its equivalent.

(c) Certification of animal shelters shall be based upon compliance with shelter standards published by the Humane Society of the United States.

(d) Training shall be administered by the Arkansas Animal Control Association in cooperation with the division and utilizing qualified experts, including, but not limited to, licensed veterinarians and persons holding professional registrations or certifications in the appropriate areas of expertise.

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