Enforce Consequences for Domestic Abuse

Enforce Consequences for Domestic Abuse

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Why this petition matters

Domestic abuse is often glossed over, especially non-violent or less violent forms as they are considered to be less serious by police forces (despite their potential to escalate into violence), which also discourages victims from leaving the situation.

  • For instance, in the UK, domestic abuse offences have been resulting in less convictions, despite the increasing frequency of cases.
  • The number of offences doubled between 2011 and 2019, according to London Assembly.
  • 1 in 10 of offences recorded by the Met Police involve domestic abuse.

 People of any age, ethnicity, gender, religion etc, have been, can be and will be affected by domestic abuse unless action is taken.

Victims of domestic abuse deserve an escape from their situation and to live a life without fear of abuse. Police need to look more into cases of domestic abuse and governments should ensure consequences are present for all abusers.

Please help bring domestic abusers to justice, raise awareness about the impact the reduction in convictions has had, and bring the importance of this issue to the attention of those in power.

By raising awareness, we can also encourage victims to speak out and escape the situation.

4,252 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!