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Enforce a ban on gillnet fisheries throughout the entire range of the Vaquita species

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The Vaquita is the smallest species of porpoise- and critically endangered. With fewer than 60 individuals left in the wild (at an estimate of 30), the Vaquita is likely to be extinct by 2018.

Nearly one out of every five Vaquita get entangled and drown in gillnets intended for other marine species like the Totoaba, a critically endangered fish also found in the upper Gulf of California.

Change is already starting for the Vaquita:


In July 2016, President Barack Obama and President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico announced billateral collaboration measures to protect the vaquita. As a follow up to this meeting and to the recommendations CIRVA presented in its latest vaquita report, Mexico's National Institute of Fisheries (INAPESCA) and WWF Mexico established an international committee of experts to further develop and urgently implement vaquita-safe fishing technologies.

The experts committee will advise the Mexican government on improving fishing techniques not harmful to vaquita, including those that INAPESCA and WWF Mexico have together developed over the last years.

This independent committee has been charged with improving existing vaquita-safe fishing technologies (such as the small trawl to catch shrimp and traps and other gear for fish) to substitute gillnets which will be permanently prohibited starting September in the Upper Gulf of California, the only place on Earth where the vaquita exists.

The committee is comprised of experts from Texas A&M University, NOAA South East Fisheries Center, Swedish University of Agriculture Science, Technological University of Denmark, Canada's Fisheries and Marine Institute, New England Aquarium, FAO, INAPESCA and WWF..

A protocol and guidelines to catch shrimp with vaquita-safe technology is expected to be ready soon. "

But we need it now. Time is running out, and a petition to speed along the process of saving this beautiful species could be the boost that brings them back from the brink.

Please, share this petition. Raise awareness of this species. As humans we have a responsibility to this planet- this could be the start of righting our wrongs and I hope this petition has enlightened you to the plight of the Vaquita and how we can still save them.

 What I hope to achieve in this is to get the attention of the Mexican Government and enforce the ban on Gillnet fisheries, the only possible way to bring this species back.

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