Petition against Enfield memorial for removing our sons headstone

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We are a family located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our son, Peter Robert Bridge (1/4/1986 - 7/4/2019), had his headstone wrongfully removed from the Enfield memorial on the 16th of January 2020 due to being deemed offensive - all because of a small picture of Peter giving the middle finger!

There are a ridiculous amount of reasons as to why this is not acceptable. First and foremost, we were not even notified of his headstones removal - there was absolutely no regard for the memory and resting place of our boy. Secondly, the picture of Peter is so small, you'd have to be standing right in front of it to even see it properly. If his picture did offend someone, why is it anyone's problem but theirs? That is our sons personal resting space.

It was morally wrong to remove Peter's headstone. We believe it legally is, too - we need this petition to help prove this.