Encouraging active travel to a school street

Encouraging active travel to a school street

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The Hazelwood Lane Project Team started this petition to ENFIELD COUNCIL

The aim of our project is to encourage sustainable and active travel by families to Hazelwood Primary School by creating a safe pathway for children and parents and an attractive and exciting ‘destination street’ for children through street art and greening projects.

Our objective is to create a safe pedestrian zone for children and adults, reduce the number of car drop-offs to Hazelwood School using a ‘pull’ factor and to promote the opportunity for independent travel to school by children.

As a summary, the proposal is to relay the pavements and create an even surface, introduce Copenhagen crossings across adjoining roads so pedestrians have a consistent pathway and to introduce additional greening and street art so the street is attractive, interesting and exciting for children to use. 

Below is a more breakdown of the issues and solutions we are proposing and you can see our ideas on our instagram and facebook pages :

 Current Issues:

• The pavement of Hazelwood Lane is in very poor condition with constant trip hazards
• The near ubiquitous driveways create multiple levels and use differing surface materials and so have narrowed the true level walking path to c.1m width
• The current poor condition of the pavements discourage active travel – walking, scooting, cycling
• Most crossings do not have dropped kerbs to assist parents with prams, those with mobility issues or children on bicycles and scooters
• There are infrequent detectable warning pavers
• Traffic speed / visibility when joining Hazelwood Lane from side roads is a safety issue


• Drop the full kerb line along both sides of Hazelwood Lane’s pavements (within the scheme boundary) to create a more level surface for pedestrians, whilst maintaining access to driveways
• Introduce Copenhagen Crossings at the junction of adjoining roads to allow for seamless pedestrian passage and traffic calming
• Re-pave the pavements with resin-bonded gravel in a colour distinct from the black tarmac carriageway
• Introduce street art / a street story to interest and attract child pedestrians
• Retain trees and extend the bed to allow for lower level planting where possible
• Find new sites for low level greening
• Introduce detectable warning pavers where appropriate
• Re line the road and road markings

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Our next steps are to speak to Enfield Council to gain Councillor support and to complete the feasibility of the project.  The following steps will be to identify funding routes for the new infrastructure and working up the street art project.

See our social media pages for more information or email thehazelwoodlaneproject@gmail.com for our proposal document



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!