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Cancel Chris Brown's performance at the Energy Rush concert on August 29th

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**Trigger Warning**

Chris Brown beat a woman--badly. People have said that he's paid his dues and that he should be forgiven. I say that's garbage.

Over the past five years since he beat the living daylights out of someone he supposedly cared about, he has made excuses for his reprehensible behaviour, been involved in altercation after altercation all the while blaming others--the guy even threw a chair thru a window at a daytime talk show because the interviewer dared to ask questions about the beating. And as of July 15th, he had his probation revoked in L.A. over yet ANOTHER altercation, this time, a hit-and-run.

Apparently many people in Halifax, where people are fighting to stop Brown from performing at an event organized by the same promoter of the Winnipeg event, feel the same way. The mayor of Halifax has spoken out against Brown performing at the Halifax concert. He said the idea of it makes him "kind of sick." Major sponsors like Rogers and Molson have already dropped out of the Halifax event after hearing Brown would be headlining. We cannot let Chris Brown perform in our hometown.

Do we want to support this criminal who has demonstrated over and over that he thinks he is above the law? I don't--I hope you don't either.

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