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Change Big Brother back to how it use to be.

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Big Brother is the first and original TV reality show. Although the show is great to watch it has lost it's way a little and needs to go back to how we all remember it from the early days. Without change the show could potentially be dropped by Channel 5 which we do not want. Please sign this petition to show Endemol Shine UK who produce the show that we want change as per below:

* Don't show housemates before launch night.

* Have launch night on a Friday.

* All shows need to be on at 9pm.

* With Love Island competing with Big Brother, the show needs to be back on from the start of May like it use to be.

* A more mixed batch of housemates need to go in. A couple of well off people but people that work at McDonalds, builders, teachers etc. People that have not had celebrity status. No more celebrity wannabes.

* The housemates should be made to do tougher tasks to earn food and drink.

* Stop giving the house alcohol everyday. They need to earn it.

* Let the housemates order their weekly food by reading what is available and to be made to write it down on a chalk board like before.

* Housemates should not be allowed to wear sunglasses in the house, only outdoors.

* Stop with the live links to the house. The house is completely suppose to be cut off from the outside world.

* Have the Big Brother chair visit a town or city every week (ie a shopping mall) so the public can give their opinion on housemates etc and then this could be shown every eviction night for about five minutes.

* Always have the nominated housemates up for evict and not to save.

* Allow the crowd to have banners and posters again.

* Bring back the live feed when the show is not on. Even if it's 12am to 6am. Either online or a sister site of Channel 5.

* Get rid of the washing machine and tumble dryer. They should be made to do it by hand.

* If a housemate breaks out of the house then they should not be allowed back in the house and should be replaced immediately.

* Bring back the tree of temptation. This is a good way of doing secret tasks without the housemates knowing about it.

* The show needs to look back at previous housemates that were popular and bring in people that are similar to them.

* The show needs to look back at previous popular tasks and bring them back.

* Bring back an all sexes bedroom.

* There is probably more but that's all I can think of at the moment.

* Basically look back at all the first few series that were on channel four and look what worked and what didn't as that is when the viewing figures were high and obviously worked.

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