Mental, emotional, sexual harassment and assault on an actor by another on national TV.

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Ms Rakhi Sawant is harassing Mr Abhinav Shukla emotionally, mentally, and, sexually inside the Bigg Boss house.

She has been found to touch him inappropriately, try to pull his shorts down, kiss him forcibly and, threaten various lewd acts upon him. 

She talks unceasingly about molesting him, declaring herself his wife (he's married, and his wife is also with him inside the BB house ). She spends almost the whole day passing lewd comments, threats and, declarations of unfounded sexual rights upon this man.

It can clearly be seen that both Mr Shukla, and his wife Ms Rubina Dilaik are distressed, upset, under pressure.

Ms Sawant gets into Mr Shukla's personal space and tries to get physical with him.She follows him, walking right behind him, invading his personal space. 

She has stolen his underwear and cut them up, while making vile threats in front of the camera. She has written his name all over her body in lipstick.

Bigg Boss is also encouraging this woman by giving intimate tasks like oil massages, further distressing Mr Shukla, who is very uncomfortable with her touch, and proximity. 

He has expressed his discomfort, and fear of Ms Sawant's actions. And also, her constant lewd talk, and comments about his body parts is distressing him, and his wife.

Neither Bigg Boss, nor Endemol India have taken any action against Ms Sawant, or even cautioned her against this behavior towards Mr Shukla. 

BB watchers, fans, and feminists are requested to please sign this petition against Ms Sawant, and Bigg Boss for promoting this behavior, and setting a bad precedent for the country's youth, a lot of whom religiously follow the show. It is normalizing these acts of harassment, and casting a very bad influence over the country's young citizens.

Even a fraction of this behavior towards a woman would not have been tolerated. Are we going to let this go cause it a man who is being targeted?

Let us stand up for equal rights, by today standing up against Ms Sawant, Bigg Boss, Endemol India, and supporting Mr Shukla. 

Bigg Boss and Endemol India need to eliminate Ms Sawant from the show citing sexual assault, and, continued sexual harassment against Mr Shukla. This is our aim. Please join us in this protest.