End tolls for Florida Residents

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Why are Florida Residents being forced to pay to use our own roads? Why do people who live and work here have to choose between paying $200-400 dollars a month or spending an additional 20-30 hours a month sitting in their car in traffic just to go to work?

This is absolutely outrageous, and it’s going to end. Florida residents should not be forced to pay to use roads that our own tax money builds. We ALL pay taxes. Whether it’s vehicle registration, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, cigarette tax, utility tax, communication tax...the list goes on and on.

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural real estate holdings in Florida total in the hundreds of billions if not over a trillion dollars. A less than 1% tax on these holdings is more than enough to pay for ALL Florida residents to use the toll roads without getting gouged every time they do. 

Sign this petition and share it everywhere. If you think the millionaires and billionaires who screwed up our state ought to be paying their fair share, let these 70+ government officials know. 

This will easily get a million signatures if it gets passed around. There will be confusing arguments made, there will be complaining, we’ll get called liars and worse, but if we stand our ground in demanding an end to the tolls, we will succeed. 

Give Florida Residents their roads back.

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