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End the University-sanctioned food truck oligopoly on Stanford's campus

For many years, food trucks of all varieties have come to Stanford's campus to sell their fares to students, faculty, and staff. Now, the University's Office of Business Development has prohibited the entry of many of these food trucks by forming a sanctioned oligopoly run by Off the Grid. Just as an Intro to Microeconomics course would predict, this move has greatly diminished consumer utility since the number of options available are far lower and the prices are now noticeably higher. This policy change has also hurt numerous small business owners and employees, who are now forced from selling to one of their primary client bases. Exemplifying this, the Stanford Daily reported that this new policy has forced the well-known Net Appetit food truck off campus after 10 years of service to the University community. This move is likely to put the food truck, which donates all of its profits to Aid to Children Without Parents, a nonprofit organization that provides food to disadvantaged children in Vietnam, out of business (see It's time for Stanford to reverse course and end this university-sanctioned oligopoly that hurts consumers and small businesses. Please sign this petition if you agree.

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