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Authorities in Bali, Indonesia are using strychnine poisoning—an inhumane and violent killing method—in a misguided attempt to control rabies and reduce the population of stray dogs on the island of Bali. Please sign below to ask Bali's Governor to halt this senseless masscre. For more information, please visit:  (Please be sure to sign the petition here, too.)

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I Made Mangku Pastika, Governor of Bali
Like millions worldwide, I care deeply about the rights and welfare of all sentient beings. That is why I am horrified by the inhumane slaughter of dogs in Bali following reported rabies cases on the island.

Strychnine poisoning is outrageously cruel and causes intense pain and suffering before animals die of asphyxiation. A sustained program of vaccinating dogs is the most humane and effective method for controlling rabies in animal populations. This should be carried out in conjunction with humane euthanasia of rabies-infected and unwanted animals, humane education programs in schools that teach children how to prevent rabies, and laws mandating the sterilization of all owned animals in order to prevent unwanted births.

Please immediately stop funding rabies-control programs that rely on cruel and inhumane methods.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

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