End the shortage of the MAOI anti-depressant Nardil (phenelzine Sulfate)

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End the GLOBAL shortage of the MAOI anti-depressant Nardil (phenelzine sulfate)

This is a petition to all relevant parties concerning the discontinuation and critical shortage of the MAOI Anti-depressant drug Nardil (phenelzine sulfate).

In Australia, Link Healthcare Australia discontinued Nardil (phenelzine sulfate), on April 2nd, 2020, without any notice. Please see https://apps.tga.gov.au/Prod/msi/Search/Details/phenelzine-sulfate.  An unregistered product was approved for supply under Section 19A, however, this product is currently not available in Australia, and there is no confirmed date when it will be available. Additionally, in Australia Nardil is no longer on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme). https://www.9news.com.au/national/without-nardil-ill-die-brisbane-man-flies-to-us-to-buy-up-discontinued-antidepressant-drug/1bd6b34b-93da-47ae-8016-6fa204e89cea

In New Zealand, Nardil was officially discontinued On 22nd of April 2020, and patients were advised to find alternative treatments.

In The United Kingdom, there has been a critical shortage of Nardil since 2019, and Nardil supplies are only available from specialist importers on an unlicensed basis. Nardil will not be available in the UK until 2021. https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/shortage-notice-nardil-phenelzine-sulfate-15mg-tablets/ https://www.pharmacy.biz/nardil-15mg-tablets-likely-to-remain-out-of-stock-this-year/

In The United States of America, there have been shortages of Nardil since early 2020.

In Canada, Nardil has been in shortage since 2019, and has been on back-order for several months. The date of resupply has been constantly delayed. https://eci2012.net/

Nardil is an extremely effective, life-saving anti-depressant medication which is unfortunately underutilized. Contrary to popular opinion, it is also very safe to administer(https://www.researchgate.net/publication/23423713_Monoamine_Oxidase_Inhibitors_A_Modern_Guide_to_an_Unrequited_Class_of_Antidepressants, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22790112/ , https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/52112573CADFD3303357C09E80617422/S1092852916000651a.pdf/div-class-title-much-ado-about-nothing-monoamine-oxidase-inhibitors-drug-interactions-and-dietary-tyramine-div.pdf )

Nardil works when all other treatments have failed. The majority of people on Nardil have treatment-resistant biological (endogenous) depression and/or severe anxiety disorders. They have often trialed the TCA antidepressants, the newer SSRI and SNRI antidepressants, and even electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)- all without any success. Therefore, Nardil is the ONLY drug that works for them, and without it, they would not be able to function or, sadly, would take their own lives. 

As a result of this global shortage, thousands of people, who have either had to cease Nardil or substantially reduce their dose, are now suffering greatly. They have relapsed into depression and anxiety, and have often become suicidal.

If action is not taken to remedy the shortage of Nardil, it is inevitable that many lives will be lost by suicide. The Nardil shortage situation is becoming progressively worse. Many lives are hanging by a thread. 

I respectfully implore all parties concerned to please take immediate action before lives are lost. Please act before it is too late.

Please visit https://nardil.org for more information.