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End the sale of live Live mutilated turtles in chinese market!

While shopping at 99 Ranch Market on Barber Lane in Milpitas, California, I found a mutilated turtle on display in the fish department. Its top shell was sheared off, displaying its entire innards. I tried to avert my eyes but then noticed what I thought was a dead turtle lift its head. I couldn't believe it. As disgusted as I was about what I saw, I was compelled to return to take video and photo evidence.

I called the San Jose Animal Control which has jurisdiction in Milpitas and was told there was nothing they could do because a turtle is not an animal. When I pressed about what constitutes an animal, they said they are only equipped to handle cats and dogs.

I then called the California State Department of Fish and Game who has offered to help, although their interest is more in if the turtle was legally caught, not whether it was being tortured. I'm still awaiting their call back next week.

After an hour when I couldn't get any authority to investigate, I finally talked to the store manager Johnny, pleading that he have the turtle killed. Five minutes later when I returned to the counter, a customer had bought a quarter of the turtle so it finally did die.

We Chinese like fresh food and will eat just about anything. However, there is no reason to mutilate this poor animal then keep it ALIVE to prolong it's suffering just to PROVE freshness.

Letter to
California State Department of Fish and Game
The sale of live mutilated turtles in chinese markets is inhumane. I found this on youtube and decided that something must be done to stop this cruel treatment of a living breathing creature.

On a trip to 99 Ranch Market on Barber Lane in Milpitas, California a customer found a live turtle with its shell sheared off and its organs exposed! Apparently this person had contacted the California Fish and game before the writing of this petiiton and is still waiting for a response.

Please look into this immediately. This is the ultimate of cruelty that any creature should have to endure! Thank you

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